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Podcast Spotlight: Jackie Always Unplugged

"Unplugged, authentic conversations with a preacher, pastor, and thought leader who has walked with women of faith for decades."

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Addressing Issues Women Care About

We love this podcast because it discusses many of the important issues for women in the Church today. Here are our Top Three favorite podcasts from Jackie Always Unplugged:

1. "The Ideal Biblical Woman" Part One


Dr. Roese speaks​ Dr. Beth Barr, author of The Making of Biblical Womanhood, which implies she is not God-designed but rather a human-idea. 


One of the things we pick up in evangelicalism is that Biblical womanhood is God's design. "It's right there in the bible," plain and simple. But in fact, it's just patriarchy in disguise. Patriarchy is present in our culture, and it was also present in Biblical times. As Carolyn Custis James reminds us, patriarchy is the background of the bible, but it's not the message. 

 ​2. Body Image - Part One: I Don’t Want My Daughter To Hate Her Body

The first of five podcasts where Dr. Roese explores how the Church has impacted the way Christian women see their bodies. She takes the next five episodes to dive deep into "why we hate our bodies and how we might start to live confidently in our skin, yes, even with Zoom chins and covid pounds. "

3. Be More Condescending, Please

Dr. Roese talks about God’s people being condescending. Yes, condescending, not in the way we’ve come to understand that word, to be patronizing or act superior. No, not that but rather what the term used to mean.

Find more information about Jackie Always Unplugged and The Marcella Project Here

The Best Podcast for Christian Women

Jackie Always Unplugged is a podcast led by Rev. Dr. Jackie Frazier Roese, founder of the Marcella Project. She helps women ask the hard questions, deal with the real issues, and look at scripture with a new lens. 

This podcast caught our attention with its Body Image Series. Rev. Dr. Roese discusses what the Bible and the Church say about women's bodies. She dissects what it means to be the "ideal Christian woman" and how women can stop hating their bodies and "live confidently in our skin, yes, even with Zoom chins and covid pounds."

The first episode of the Body Image series is titled, "I Don’t Want My Daughter To Hate Her Body". 


You can check out the first Body Image Episode here.

Jackie Always Unplugged covers many other topical subjects for being a Christian woman in today's world. She covers how the Church has dictated how a Christian woman should behave and changed how we value Christian Women.

The two-part series, "The Ideal Biblical Woman" explores patriarchy in our present culture, and in Biblical times. Dr. Roese invites other female biblical scholars onto her show to discuss and explore how the idea of biblical womanhood tends to show up in our faith communities. She challenges our preconceived notions of women in the Church and dives deep into what the Bible actually says. 

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